SK Consulting Group

Specializing in Furniture, Fixtures, and Finishes

Shaylee King has always been artistic and creative. When she was a young kid, her mother recognized her talent and offered to let her design her own bedroom. Shaylee got a kick out of picking colors and patterns. Over the years, she created and redesigned her dream bedroom as her style and tastes developed.

After design school, Shaylee quickly began to build relationships with designers, planners, architects, owners, and management firms. She worked as an insider, navigating the office design and planning industry while dreaming bringing her own talents to bear on the market.

Thanks the wide breadth and great depth her experience, Shaylee has learned to work as a partner and consultant in all facets of design, space planning, and project management. She prides herself on her ability to fill any client need while working collaboratively with other agencies, groups, or companies.

It’s the versatility and experience that make SK Consulting a special firm. Creative product solutions, innovative design ideation, project oversight –– no matter the client need, SK Consulting brings utilized industry knowledge and creativity to solve problems and fulfill needs.

Shaylee’s greatest sense of accomplishment comes from working with clients who have unique needs or who need a little extra hand-holding. She is a trusted guide and advisor in an industry that can often leave clients feeling lost or overwhelmed.